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My Fun Life – Team Recruiting Site: Automated Forced Matrix System!

The Instant Downline is an online team building system for My Fun Life, which you get to use for FREE when you are part of our organization, Team ONE!  Simply sign up for the program and start using the site to recruit new members by referring others or just wait for new members fall into your recruiting matrix which may then join your team.

The Instant Downline uses a 2xINFINITY Expanding Forced Matrix to help build your My Fun Life organization. As you refer other users to this site your recruiting matrix can be expanded to 5 front level positions in total giving you massive leverage in the My Fun Life Program.

The Instant Downline makes it possible for anyone, even if you are not a great recruiter, to have success with My Fun Life with less effort and better results. We believe in Cooperative Recruiting and by using the The Instant Downline Team’s recruiting site you will leverage your efforts with the thousands of other users who will promote this site to build the My Fun Life business opportunity.

As each new user registers on the site and they post their referral links on Facebook, online ads, websites etc, will continue to gain position in search engine results and drive more and more natural search engine traffic to the site, resulting in more signups and people joining YOUR team in My Fun Life!

Get prepared to WIN for once!

What Does The Instant Downline Do?

The Instant Downline uses a POWERFUL expanding 2xINFINITY forced matrix recruiting system helping to develop your team in My Fun Life.  By joining The Instant Downline as a registered member you benefit from the collective efforts of all team members using this site and the spill over of potential new reps into your recruiting matrix from both RANDOM search engine traffic and your from the efforts of everyone upline to you in the recruiting matrix.

As new users register on this site they are given the sign up link of a person who is already in My Fun Life, they then sign up, come back to this site and enter their ID in the Recruiting Dashboard so that when new users are placed in the matrix below them they are given their link to My Fun Life. This process duplicates over and over down to infinity, building your team to unlimited levels below you.

Even if you don’t personally refer new users to The Instant Downline, you will receive overflow in the matrix. We believe in doing everything we can so that our team members are successful, by giving everyone spill over in the matrix with no personal requirement to send any traffic to the site, we ensure that the maximum number of our team members max out their income in the My Fun Life opportunity!

How The TID 2xINFINITY Expanding Forced Matrix Works

When you register the system places you into the next available position top to bottom left to right in the matrix, each position is only allowed two users to be placed front level to them in the matrix and as positions are filled ‘spill over’ occurs where users you didn’t even refer to the site are placed underneath you in the matrix.

You will not find another team building system on the Internet program like TID, we do all we can to help our members get personal signups in each program so they are QUALIFIED to EARN income.  No other team works as hard as we do to make sure you are a success!


The Matrix Structure

Rocket Cash Robot Matrix


Promoting The Instant Downline

You are given a link to refer others to this site, after you have personally referred 6 registered users to the site, The Instant Downline will open up a new leg front level to you which is then also built by the spill over from the matrix. We do this to reward those who actively send traffic to, you can just join and have a 2xinfinity expanding matrix built for you in TID or you can dominate the My Fun Life program by referring more users to TID and fully expand your recruiting matrix to maximize your results.

By requiring 6 registered users for each new leg opened by TID we promote building depth within our organization with in turn promotes the same practices by our downline. Duplication is the key and by forcing duplication through our recruiting system we promote the recruiting practices we want our members to have.  If you build your team deep, you will secure your income in this or any opportunity you promote and when you teach your team to do the same, everyone wins!


Adding New Legs

Rocket Cash Robot New Leg


This will help you to build your team even faster in each program you chose to join. This process repeats until you have a maximum of 5 legs in your personal matrix, then all of your referrals to the site afterwards will be placed under someone already in your matrix as will any spill over from above you in the matrix.

This type of team building creates a very strong organization with a focus on building depth to achieve the best long term results, for everyone.

Important Information Before You Start!

If you sit in the matrix too long before joining My Fun Life and other users who are placed below you in the matrix join My Fun Life before you do, those organizations from the new Rep down in the recruiting matrix will now belong to the next active Rep above you in the matrix! Don’t wait around trying to see if it ‘works’, the TID recruiting system works, take advantage of it!

If you snooze, you lose!  It is up to YOU, if you are to be successful at anything you do in life you must take action so think it through, then if you are ready to take action, register on this site and join My Fun Life without hesitation. If you are pretty sure you want to get started, but just need to speak with your upline first, go ahead and register, then contact your sponsor and they will answer any questions you might have before you join.

Sure, you could always register on the site again to get placed in the next available position, but doesn’t that really defeat the whole purpose of using a recruiting site? You would lose all the people who were in your previous recruiting matrix and start over from scratch.

Successful people take massive action when they decide to build an opportunity, take action today and promptly join each program you want to build after registering on this site so you don’t run the risk of losing Reps and their entire organizations, because someone below you in the matrix signs up first.

I know! I am preaching to the choir right now, you are reading this now, because you are successful minded person and are ready to make a huge change in your life or you are looking for a hot new program to join. The Instant Downline is the team to join if you want to be successful, we have leadership with direct access to Corporate, the Internet marketing system to dominate My Fun Life, so much so that our team has an almost unfair advantage!

Be a success and take massive action NOW!

Get Started!

Steps for success!

  1. Register as a user of this site!
  2. In your ‘Recruiting Dashboard’ you will be given a link to sign up in My Fun Life, do so as quickly as you can so you don’t get passed up by other users!
  3. Enter your ID in your Recruiting Dashboard on Step Two for MFL. (If you did not join MFL through another TID Team Member, you are not allowed to use this site.)
  4. Refer others to this site with the link provided!
  5. That’s it… it really IS that simple!


Still have questions? Go ahead and register on the site and check out our community forums or contact your sponsor to learn more.

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